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Analog to Multiple Broadband Inventories (AMBI)

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The Analog to Multiple Broadband Inventories (AMBI) is a 181-item measure that can substitute for 8 different broadband inventories collectively comprising 203 scales and 2,019 items. These inventories include the NEO-PI-R, HEXACO-PI, TCI, CPI, HPI, JPI-R, MPQ, and 6-FPQ.

All AMBI items are drawn from the public domain International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), ensuring that the measure may be used or modified freely. The development and validation of the AMBI is described in this manuscript.



The 181-item AMBI may be downloaded in the following formats:

AMBI.doc (Word Document)

AMBI.txt (plain text)

It is recommended to use standard IPIP instructions when administering the measure. Items should be rated on a 5-point scale.



Scoring may be performed either manually, using the key provided below, or using the automated routines provided for R and SPSS (coming soon). Note that the R scoring function requires that the psych package be installed in R (this can be accomplished by typing install.packages('psych') from the command line in R).

AMBI_scoring_key.doc (Word Document)

AMBI_scoring.R  (R scoring function; coming soon)

AMBI_scoring.sps (SPSS scoring syntax; coming soon)



The AMBI does a better job recapturing scores in some measures than in others. Generally, the best results are obtained for the NEO-PI-R and HEXACO-PI, and the worst for the CPI and HPI. However, this may reflect limitations of the latter measures (e.g., lower reliability). See the manuscript for details.

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